Monday, October 21, 2013

Peter Rabbit

John called me Peter Rabbit this week...  

Our neighbor is out of two for two weeks and asked me to take over her garden while she is gone.  
She has like 20+ tomato plants, beans, peppers, cantaloupe, corn, etc.  Quite a garden!

Here is Paisley with our first haul.  
10 gallons of tomatoes is a lot.  
Paisley loves the little yellow cherry tomatoes! 

Every time Paisley and I come back, we have buckets full of produce!  

So far, I have put up 23 quarts of quartered tomatoes, 9 pints of salsa, 9 pints of BBQ sauce, and 9 pints of tomato sauce.  Plus corn, cucumbers, and cantaloupe for snacking!  Phew!  And think, she has only been gone for 5 days!  I better get more jars...

The tomato sauce takes a long time to cook down, but the concentrated flavor is just divine!!!
This was the second time I made it, so I have about 14 pints in the basement! Yum!

The BBQ sauce is good and has quite a kick to it!

I am just shocked by the number of quartered tomatoes I have done.  
23 quarts.  Wow!  I kept the yellow tomatoes separate and canned them together, I think yellow tomatoes are just cool!

Paisley and I also went to a local orchard last week and picked 10 pounds of Hoshi pears.  They were SO delicious!  I made 4 half pints of Ginger Lime Pear marmalade, and canned the rest in pint jars.

 I thought the blue pint jars were a bit bland with tomatoes in them, 
but the pears looked stellar in blue!

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