Monday, October 7, 2013

Maybelle's new feed box!!

I've been feeding Maybelle from a feed pan on the ground in front of her stanchion.  It isn't ideal as she is on a platform raised 8" off the ground.  So, she did a lot of shuffling and dancing to make sure she could reach all of her grain.  If her bucket would scoot away, she would leeeeaaaaannnnn forward and grab it with her mouth and drag it back closer.  Cute, except for when she would step forward and kick the bucket.  So, I built her a feed box attached to the stanchion.  She now holds stock still while she eats.  Great improvement!  I used scrap lumber and had to make sure the inside was as tight as possible, so the outside is a little rough looking.  I do love carpentry, but for me it is all about function.  Wabi-sabi, ya'll.

I came back later and added two angle braces to make the box sturdy enough to hold a toddler.  
Because, when you have a toddler, you need to worry about those sorts of things.

I think its like 36wx24dx12h

A demonstration.

 She loves Maybelle.

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