Monday, October 28, 2013

Calf nuts!

Paisley and I recently had quite a bit of excitement on the farm!  

We started our day with milking Maybelle.  
Headed to the neighbors to pick tomatoes.
Driving home, we saw Slider and Maybelle together.  
That damned steak skipped the fence. 
I get a bucket of grain and stand at the gate trying to figure out what to do and the vet drives up. 
An hour early.  
I start shaking the grain. 
Maybelle and Slider start running up towards me. 
Slider had a halter and rope on to make him easier to catch for the vet. 
Oh, I bet you want to know why the vet was here?  
I'll get to it.
Apparantly the rope flapping behind him had scared him through the fence and was now giving him the run of his life.  
Maybelle shared his excitement.  
She jumped right into the stanchion with great flair. 
That was the only thing that had gone right so far. 
I went to get the calf, he flopped over and about gave up on life.  
The vet, smart man that he is, came out to check on us in the field. 
He was there to check Sliders elastration band.  His nuts hadn't fallen off yet and were looking funny.  
Wanna see?

Vet lifted up Slider's leg, twisted off the ball flap, and tossed it aside. 
Apparently, I was a horse owner for too long. 
Horse people will get that comment.  
In other words, it was fine.  
Stop taking pictures of it and looking at it. 
He proceeded to give Slider two shots. 
Then he gave Maybelle her two shots. 
He also sleeved her.
Which is a nicer way of saying that he went shoulder deep into my cow. 
In good news, she is expecting a christmas calf.
I just wanted to double check before I dry her off.  
Wouldn't that be awful to dry her off, find out she wasn't bred, and be without milk until you rebred her and she calved again?
John rolled his eyes when I asked him that.
Then i threatened him with getting a second cow to fill in the dry period.  
I think he may still be crying under the bed.
So... The vet leaves and Paisley and I run into town to get more canning Jars.
Oh, just before we left, I opened the gates between the pastures and herded Slider into his own pasture doing my best impression of a cow horse. 
In all of this excitement, I forgot to change clothes before we went into town.  
I figure I look fine for walmart.  
Going to walmart almost doesn't count as going out in public.  
I actually was not the only person in there in boots and shorts.  
However, walmart was out of canning jars and I had to go to Home Depot.
Home Depot was our of canning jars.
Bed, Bath, and Beyond DID have canning Jars.  
They did not have any other patrons wearing farm clothes.
So, we head home and start canning salsa. 
Things calmed down for a bit. 
Then, the neighbor pulled up. 
I forgot that he was coming out to look at Maybelle's hooves.
The neighbor is also a farrier, AI tech, and cattleman.
He said her hooves looked ok and didn't need to be trimmed.
What a relief and a good way to end the day!
If any day deserved more pictures, it was this one.  
I had adrenaline pumping from about 9am until 7pm when Paisley went to bed and John and I cracked open a Hamm's!

Long story short- Slider is officially a steer and Maybelle is indeed bred! Woot! 

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