Monday, October 14, 2013

A week in my life...

I thought it might be interesting to give you a peek into my day to day life.  

It seems like people are always asking me what I do all day.  

I started taking pictures of things we did, but that sort of fizzled.  
I did my best to remember what we did, but I should have been blogging as I went.  Maybe I'll try again some other time...  Any way, this was the last week of August.  

6:30 wake up and have breakfast on the screen porch.  Watch the sun rise.  
7:30 everyone is mostly dressed, 
chop zucchini for Maybelle, 
get milking supplies and head out to milk
(no more clocks...)
Milk Maybelle while Paisley plays in the field
Give the calf a half gallon, visually check the 'tiny chickens'
Go inside to filter and chill the milk
Get a snack for Paisley
Mow the front lawn 

 Give the clippings to the 'big chickens'

Go inside for lunch, wash milk supplies

Paisley takes a nap from 12:30-2ish.
I surf the internet or rest.  
 Paisley wakes up 
Check on the big chickens
Paisley carries eggs around while I water the garden and strawberries.  
Paisley drops both eggs she was carrying
She wants to swim in her pool on the deck, but it has lots of bugs in it, so we spend a good chunk of the afternoon scooping the water into buckets and I carry them to the rain barrel.  
We refill the pool, a bug lands in it and she asks to dump and refill again.  I did not indulge her.  Ha!  
Around 3:30-4, I start dinner.  Paisley entertains herself while I cook, for the most part.
5:15 John gets home, we have dinner, then lay on the floor in Paisley's room for family 'huggle' time.  
7pm- Paisley's bedtime.  John does the bed and bath routine while I milk Maybelle.  
I come in from milking, we filter milk and do dishes, and finish picking up the house.  
8-9pm John and I hang out.  
9pm- Bedtime!!!

Most days have the same typical rhythm.  I guess the major morning and afternoon activities change and the chores and routine stay the same.  

Tuesday, our major activity was to mow the large area between the house and pastures.  We used the tractor for that.  

Paisley discovered the 'uppadown'.  AKA- the snowblade.  
Endless entertainment! 

We also watered all of the trees on the property.  That took a solid hour as we have two trees that we have to use the wagon and buckets to carry water to.  This is always a very fun activity!  

Found a ladybug!
Paisley says "don't step in the poop"!

Maybelle tries to foil our plans by attempting to drink our water. 

Baby Pecan

Paisley stops for a drink, too.

After a long morning of watering, we went inside to drink coffee and read RRRalph 599 times.  

UPS man arrived and brought Paisley some new mud boots from Grandpa!
After we rested on the sofa for an hour or more, Paisley took her nap.  I have no idea what happened with the rest of the day until dinnertime!!!

Wednesday, we have switched Slider from a half gallon 2x per day to a full gallon+ in the evening only. 
I felt sorry for him this morning, so Paisley and I gave him some alfalfa pellets.  He didn't know what to do with him, so we got to sit down and hand feed him.  It was fun!

Wednesday afternoon was beautiful and we spent some time on the deck appreciating life. 

Thursday, I made a Gouda and some butter in the morning.  
Making cheese is an all day activity, but the bulk of the work happened between milking and naptime.  
heating the milk for cheese making

curds and whey

butter and butermilk

There is a bit of 'waiting' time while making cheese, so we went out and gave Maybelle a bath!  

brining the gouda

Thursday is also when my mom's group meets.  So, we headed to the library at 3:30 and got home around 5:30.  I had already made dinner and John popped the casserole in the oven when he got home.  

I always love meeting with the ladies from playgroup!  We started the group with the member's of our Bradley Birth class, and invited a few moms from La Leche League, friends, and neighbors.  We have gone from a group of 9 to a group of 5-6 due to moves, etc.  But this group of women is amazing.  I miss the ladies that have moved away and am so happy I have such a great group of mom friends!  

Friday, I made a Colby cheese and more butter.  

 pressing the whey out of the cheese

Paisley did not nap at her usual time.  She usually gets pretty low-key when she is sleepy, so it really isn't a big deal.  She usually drags the dog into her room and lays on the floor for a while.  
Today, she was in our closet (aka- Charley's room) and things were quiet.  You know what they say about quiet toddlers....
Turns out she was scooping Charley's water into his food bowl.
Things overflowed.  

The wet food went to the 'tiny chickens'.  
It was pretty funny.  

I decided that if Paisley wasn't going to nap, I would be productive and mop the floors.  
I can't be sure if the vinegar fumes went to my head or if it was the ridiculous pride from mopping twice in 6 months of living here.  Don't judge me.  

Around 3pm, Paisley had a meltdown.  I scooped her up and put her to bed.  She went down and has been asleep for just over an hour.  The UPS man rang the doorbell (seriously?!?!) and she slept right through it (thankfully!!!).  That brings us to the present moment- quiet time for blogging!!!  

 *I had a really hard time with these video uploads for some reason.  Let me know if they are not working*

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