Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Slider!!!

MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Mini cheese burgers!!!!  

Nothing better than a slider with cheese and just about any kind of sauce you can dream up! 

So, given that Maybelle gives us twice as much milk as we need, we invested in our own future slider.  

We bought a Jersey (dairy breed) bull calf from our local dairy for $100.  Dairy beef is some of t he most tender, juicy, and delicious you will ever have.  Or so I have been told.   The only 'drawback' is that the marbling is yellow instead of white due to the increased beta carotene content of the fat in a dairy cow.  Consumers in a grocery store wouldn't like it, but I think it will suit us just fine!  

I have scoped out a local butcher and their prices are very fair.  I think we will bring home about 350lbs of meat when Slider is about 16 months old.  Including the purchase price and butchering fees, we will be paying just under $1/lb.  Seriously.  For grass fed beef.  Chickens don't really save you any money, but I can see how beef really will.  With Maybelle's next lactation, we may end up raising two beef cows.  One for sale and one for our freezer.  Now THAT sounds like a good deal to me!  

Maybelle smelled him as we drove up and immediately went into mama cow mode.  
She loved him so much that she started hiding him from me and holding up her milk at milk time.  
So, they sadly were separated and I give slider two bottles a day.  

We totally brought him home in a dog crate tied down in the back of the truck.
Yee Haw!!!

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