Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We built a fence!

The second major project we did on the farm was to build a fence.  I got to do the 'fun' work of digging holes with the tractor.  John got had to do the grunt work of setting the posts and tamping them in.  All 300+ of them.  It was a monumental undertaking.  We now have our 20 acres fenced into 3 pastures.  A 4 acre pasture, a 5 acre pasture, and an 8 acre pasture that includes 5 acres of woods.  The remaining 3 acres is a small wooded area in the front of the property, our driveway, and the 'yard' around the house.  

We fenced the farm with HorseGuard electric fence.  We hung 4 strands 14" apart on wood posts.  We have been very happy with the fence thus far.  It has kept our lovestruck cow and foster beef calf separated.  

Counting posts...

Digging holes...


 Hanging gates

Finished fence line.  To the left is our back yard, the right is the big pasture.  
I sprayed the fence line with roundup (gasp!) to kill the grass and weeds below the fence.  
This will keep the fence from shorting out and has made mowing easier as we don't have to get the tractor that close to the fence.  

 Fence from inside the back yard.  
To the left is the big pasture, straight ahead is the 'side yard' next to the garage.  

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