Friday, August 16, 2013


Wow!  I never thought I would be one of those bloggers who gets months and months behind!!!  But, here I am!  Life on the farm is busy and amazing!  We love it out here!  

The lifestyle shift is huge.  We slow down in some ways and have sped up in other ways.  There is always something to be built, fixed, done, etc.  There is also so much beauty and joy that life demands you stop and look around every once in a while.  

The work out here is so gratifying.  We are providing some of our own food.  We are caring for animals and cultivating the land.  We are spending time as a family, building something that is greater than us all.  

You just don't get that kind of satisfaction from coming home and sitting in front of the screen all night.  

We have had am amazingly mild summer which has allowed Paisley and I to spend countless hours outside enjoying life.  

I am going to work on catching up on blog posts.  Look forward to meeting our laying hens, meat chickens, milk cow, baby beef, and garden.  I will also post pictures of Paisley being her silly, sweet self!  

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