Saturday, August 24, 2013


I love food.  This is no secret.  I have a passion for good food and good cooking.  Cooking meals for John and Paisley has always brought me joy.  Of course, meals made from whole ingredients takes better than packaged foods.  I am taking it a step further and providing some of those ingredients myself!  It is very gratifying and delicious!  

The garden I made is 12 beds.  They are raised beds that are about 3x15 feet.  This spring we did lettuce (delicious), onions, carrots (a big flop), new potatoes, garlic, and tomatoes (OMG!!!).  It was more of a 'tasting' garden this year.  I'd like to double the number of beds and really try to make a dent in our grocery shopping next year.  For the fall, I have some corn, beans, and squash going in two different 'three sisters' beds.  So far, I have one huge zucchini and a few tiny ears of corn.  Not really pleased with those beds yet.  I have planted several beds of brussels sprouts, red beets, golden beets, carrots, kale, spinach, and lettuce.  I will plant garlic in a few weeks. 

I have also been learning to preserve food!  Fun!  

Here is a 4lb cheddar wheel!  I have made two other cheeses, but they didn't seem to come out as well. Maybe they didn't get pressed enough, but they are almost twice as tall as this one.
Cheese is still a big experiment to me.    I have also been making butter and freezing it in the deep freeze for the 8-10 weeks we will be without fresh milk when Maybelle is dried up before she calves again.

6 quarts of chicken bone broth from one of our unlucky hens. 

The first egg laid on the farm scrambled in Maybelle's 
(our Guernsey Milk cow) butter with a garden tomato!!!

 Onions!  Small but mighty!

 Making yogurt in my awesome yogurt maker!  
Maybelle makes the most creamy yogurt!  
I get my yogurt culture from New England Cheese Making Supply.

 Garden potatoes to potato chips! Yum!

 10 pints of green beans from the neighbors garden

 Paisley with the first egg!

 6 of 12 pints of Sweet Lime pickles from 
Pioneer Woman's second cookbook

6 pints of tomatoes
I think I have done 12 pints and 6 quarts of tomatoes so far.


  1. We found our carrots did much better when we tilled the soil 3 or more times before planting, and added some of our own compost to the red clay. I wanna make cheese!

  2. See, I knew there was a trick to carrots! I did notice that the first round of carrots I planted for fall a few weeks ago have started to sprout in larger numbers than any previously planted. I read that they do better as a fall crop. I was about to give up on them, but I may keep trying. I have a little space left for the fall planting, maybe I will till up a bed really deep and try another batch of fall carrots. They seem like the quintessential garden food, it would be so sad if I just couldn't get them to grow!

  3. Yeah, at first ours just couldn't grow through that clay, but now I'm making carrot cake left and right!