Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chicken Coop!!!

John started the chicken coop in March, right when we moved in.  You can see that the weather this spring did NOT cooperate!!

Get these birds outta my basement!!!
Setting posts for the coop.  Note the shorts and t-shirt.

Beginning framing.  Note the jacket and hat. 

Framing the roof.  Umm... Snow?!

Phew, back to normal weather!!


All ventilation and windows have two layers of hardware cloth for predator proofing. 

We used truckbed liner for the floor coat.  I found a few branches in our woods and used those for roosts.  We have three nest boxes for 8 hens.  

We used left over sheet metal from our garage to do the roof.  This was laid over plywood and an insulation board.  The insulation is actually sandwiched between sheets of plywood to keep the chickens from pecking it. 

Daddy's shadow!!!

Adding the run.  We wrapped it entirely in hardware cloth.  

We even buried hardware cloth around the base.  
After 5 months, we have had no losses to predators.

Rain barrel system.  
We have since built a stand for the barrel to sit on.  
It takes about 1.25" of rain to fill the barrel.  
This is just uphill from my garden and I use the water for the garden frequently.

New home!

My little Chicken Farmer

We started with 15 chickens, 14 hens and a rooster.  They were silver and gold laced wyandottes.  We ended up butchering 7, including the annoying rooster.  We now have 8 hens and they are laying about 2-4 eggs per day.  They have been laying for about 3 weeks now so production will still probably increase.  

Stay tuned to hear about the next 26 chickens we got!!!

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