Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wood floor-unfinished

Our wood floors are installed!!!

We did a solid hickory in a 5" wide planks with long and short boards mixed. We chose #3 common grade wood as it has more character and color variation.

We had it laid at a 45*angle coming off the kitchen wall.

It will be sanded and finished just a few days before move in. We will do a high shine, smooth, natural (clear) finish.

John and I think it looks amazing!


  1. That's going to be gorgeous when it's all finished! I need to ask, how did you keep yourself from being overwhelmed by the millions of decisions that go into a project like this? I'm also curious, did you have most things decided before you started the construction project, or did you make a lot of the styling type decisions as you went along? You must be a person who loves a challenge to have taken on managing something like this! Well done!