Friday, February 15, 2013

New Toy!

My father in law sent Charley a new toy! He was so excited that he didn't even wait for me to launch it before grabbing it and running off like a maniac!

I haven't seen him play like that in a long time! What a joyful sight!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cabinets and countertops

Well, we finally hit a snag in the building process. It was about time!

Our cabinets were delivered January 11th. We went to install them and one set (upper and lower) were way too wide and sticking out past the doorway. In the picture, we have it all the way to the corner, but there should be a void there so that the adjoining cabinet can butt up against it to make a corner under the soffit corner. We sent them back to be rebuilt. When they were re delivered TWO weeks later, we went to set the island and realize that it was too close to the fridge. The carpenter, cabinet designer, and I all struggled with the fit issue for an entire day. I didn't feel like we were making progress, so I called in the sales manager. He came out, asked what would make me happy, and promised two new cabinets in 6 working days.

I was so happy with the way he resolved the issue. My sales lady was really disappointing. She tried to blame the fit issue on me (the sink I picked was too large and she couldn't make the island smaller to make more space around it), then on the carpenter (accused him of moving a wall since she had last come out to measure), then commented that *other* people wouldn't mind having to stand off to the side to open the freezer drawer. This mistake was clearly hers. She measured incorrectly, or not at all, and the two parallel work spaces were both about 4" off. Her solution to the fit issue around the fridge was to move the island so that it was out of line with the other wall cabinets. I was not happy with that solution. So, we moved the island and added 9 1/8" to the wall cabinets behind it.

Every time my cabinets were wrong, it pushed back my granite template date. It takes 2 weeks after template to get an installation. Sinks can't go in until counters are in. Neither can faucets. Can't do backsplash, mirrors or bathroom lights. Can't finish floors or add carpet until all of those bigger, dirty jobs are done. So, basically everything is hinged on my cabinets being done on time.

So, the sales manager, carpenter, and granite template guy all met me out at the house. John took a half day at work and wrangled Paisley. We hashed it out and the template guy got his measurement and added 9 1/8" to the length. The cabinets HAD to be perfect or the granite wouldn't fit.

Luckily, the cabinets were delivered Tuesday morning, installed at 5am Wednesday, granite was installed at 10am Wednesday, and we have been making up ground in all areas! Backsplash got finished in the kitchen and started in the bathrooms. Everything fits great and looks beautiful!

I should mention that the bathroom cabinets were flawless from the start.

We went with hickory cabinets in the bathrooms to tie in with the hickory floors in the rest of the house. The backsplash in there is a 2" tile to match the floor tiles. Te kitchen cabinets are white shaker panels with seedy glass doors on the uppers. The cabinets with glass fronts are painted a teal blue green. Between the oven and fridge is a set of book shelves, which I LOVE. I am so excited to be able to display my cook books. Especially those that I got from my grandpa after he passed. Another neat feature is the pop up mixer stand. I just hate having to rearrange cabinets to get the thing out and onto the counter. It weighs as much as a bag of grain. Lets pretend that I didn't just use livestock feed as a unit of measure, ok? Also, we went with an enormous sink. It's like 33x22 or something insane like that. In keeping with the theme, it would fit two 5 gallon buckets side by side. It is a single basin sink. I never have to tilt a cookie sheet and wash it from every angle ever again!

An odd piece of information, after much arguing, we decided to go with mixed metals in the house. John wanted everything to match, I thought brushed nickel would look dated. He worried about the stainless sink and appliances. We did some googling and apparently, 2013 is the year of mixed metals! Yay! So, we have oil rubbed bronze lights, bathroom trim, hardware, etc. while the sink, kitchen faucet, and appliances are stainless. It lends a very modern feel and at the same time is warm and rustic.

Basically, we can't wait to move in. We go out every evening to lock up and look around. It is getting harder and harder to leave. The schedule is really wrapping up.
Tomorrow-backsplash, electrical, and drywall repair
Monday- glass and mirrors
Tuesday-plumbing, electrical, wood stove
Wed-Fri- carpet and wood finishing
Mon & tue- trim and touch up paint
Wed- inspections and move in!!!!!

I hope it all goes as planned! Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wood floor-unfinished

Our wood floors are installed!!!

We did a solid hickory in a 5" wide planks with long and short boards mixed. We chose #3 common grade wood as it has more character and color variation.

We had it laid at a 45*angle coming off the kitchen wall.

It will be sanded and finished just a few days before move in. We will do a high shine, smooth, natural (clear) finish.

John and I think it looks amazing!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Today is my 27th birthday and it was all about compost! What? I know it is weird, but it is the best birthday I could have asked for!

My dad got me a Simple Human stainless steel kitchen compost bucket. It has carbon filters so it doesn't smell. Very nice pail!

John got me a set of compost bin brackets. They are powder coated steel brackets from Lee Valley Tools. You just screw in wood slats and voila! Compost bin!

My sweet mother in law sent me birthday cash which provided the lumber for the compost bin and a few chicken accessories. More on that later!

We started the day by going to Home Depot and picking up cedar 1x6x12s. Our local lumber yard was closed on Saturdays, so we were subjected to HD. I picked a sweet older guy to saw the lumber for us and he did a very precise job!

We then headed out to the farm and John got to work putting the compost bin together. Paisley handed him screws one by one and gave him hugs before wandering off to entertain herself.

The finished bin looks great! I was just looking for function and had found plans for a shipping pallet bin. John was a bit particular about how it would look, so this was a great find! The brackets and wood cost about the same as building one from solid wood, but only took an hour to build instead of a day! The middle three slats on the front side are not screwed in for ease of access and turning. We plan to get two more compost bins going in the future, but we really only need one right now until it fills up!

We (royal we) carried the bin to the garden area and then headed home for lunch and nap time.

After Paisley's nap, we went back out to the farm and John moved two of my five garden beds. So, instead of 5 short beds, I have 3 long beds. The third bed probably isn't usable this sprig as it was the 'leftover' bed. Anything left over from making other beds got tossed on that pile. It was also used as a tossing pile for various other stuff while we existed without a compost bin. So, it has lots of grass and leaves that haven't broken down yet. Maybe I will just toss my leftover seeds in it this spring and see if anything comes up!

The two beds to the left had to be moved to make room for the future chicken coop!