Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Odds and ends

I had tried holding off on posting until I had a neat package of a post for you. Unfortunately, home building is not a linear process and each phase requires days separated by weeks to finish. So, here is a photo dump of our recent progress!

We are about 3-4 weeks from being done. We need the wood floor installed, cabinets installed, countertops put on, plumbing fixtures in, bathroom lighting up, heat pump set, and carpet put in. Then it is just touch up paint and trim work and we are ready to go!

We had a little bug with the kitchen Cabinets that ate up about 2 weeks. Other than that, we are running a quick and efficient ship!

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  1. Absolutely loving how your house is coming along. Which brings me to ask...if we wanted to create a variation of your floor plan, how would we get started?