Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stub Out and Inspections

Rough ins were pretty straight forward.  Each section took about 3 days.  Mechanical first, then plumbing, then electrical.  They go in the order of hardest to manipulate location to easiest to manipulate.  Ie. A HVAC guy would be happy to cut your electrician's wiring if that is where he needed his ducting to go.  

So, everything was done and we were ready for inspections.  There were only a few quick fixes to do for each contractor.  Second inspection passed easily.  

Master bath tub.  We went with air jets instead of water jets as the water doesn't recirculate, thus being easier to clean and the water will also stay warmer.   

Dryer, sink, washer.

Platform for wood stove.

Stove pipe.

This is one thing that didn't pass inspection at first.  
They had forgotten to put these metal nail stops in.  
When your plumbing is bored out to a certain distance from the edge of the wood, 
you need nail stops so the drywall guys don't puncture your plumbing. 

This gauge should hold 5 pounds pressure for 10 minutes.  
We had a small leak that needed to be found and fixed.  

Here is the framed attic access.  You can see the wiring for the light fixture next to it is sticking up and is a trip hazard.  That had to be stapled down before we could pass inspections.

Furnace.  We have decide to go with a tri fuel system.  We have a heat pump, which is just a regular AC unit that can also run backwards and remove cold air from the home.  this stops being effective when the outside temps drop around freezing.  Then we can kick on the propane furnace or fire up the wood stove. 

All plumbing leads to the sewage line.  

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