Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paint Colors and Mega Deck!!!

Oi.  John and I do NOT have a knack for choosing colors.  We matched the body of the house to the garage color.  So, a nice Ivory.  Then we chose green trim.  It looked awful!  We found a nice brown (it was actually the primed trim color!) and redid the paint.  It is still very... beige and boring.  BUT, we are sticking with it for now and John can repaint it a more fun color later.  It is by no means offensive or bad paint colors, but it is just a little plain and neutral for my tastes.  

Not good...

Much better, but very neutral.  
I worked with our framer for an afternoon dreaming up the porch details.  
Looks amazing.  We opted for cedar posts instead of stone work because it would better match the deck.  Right now, the base of the posts are wrapped in 2x cedar to hide the brackets.  We will switch that to a 1x cedar to give it a more 'refined' look.  

 Here is the side porch in progress. 

In progress.

Here the egress window is in.  
They trimmed and sided around with which was a really nice touch.
The lower sash of the window will be replaced with one without a grille. 

So.  The Deck.  We hit rock when we were excavating which put our backdoor about 4ft off the ground.  I found deck plans that both of us liked and we ended up with something much larger and more grand than we dreamed of.  It is amazing!!!

 Sealed and stained a light pecan color.  

These posts will make up the screen porch. 

My dutch door finally arrived and got installed.  We will paint it and the other exterior doors the darker shade shown here.  This color is on the same color chip as our interior walls, so we are going to paint both sides of the exterior doors in this color! 

 Dutch door from master to screened porch!!!