Monday, December 17, 2012

Flooring and Countertops

A few weeks ago, John and I made the trek out to Grandview, MO to Kenny's Tile.  
We selected tile, talked about how it would be laid and decided on a hopscotch pattern in 6 and 12 inch tiles. We chose a backsplash for the kitchen, granite for the kitchen and baths, and selected wood flooring.  
This is the tile we choose.  It comes in 2x2, 6x6, and 12x12 tiles.  We will do a hopscotch in the 6 and 12 for all floors.  The master shower will have 2x2s for the mudpan (base) and 6s for the walls with a few 2x2 accent rows about eye level.  We will also use the 2x2s as the back splash in the bathrooms.  

 This is the bathroom granite.  
When we took the tiles outside, they looked like they were made for this granite!  

This is the kitchen granite.  It is perfect.  Exactly what I was looking for!  The backsplash is a tumbled white marble tile in 2x3 with some very faint reddish veining and streaking.  It will look amazing with this slab!

 I had my sales rep email me a picture of a recent hickory floor they have done.  This is the exact rustic look we are going for with a smooth finish.  They did this job in August, I think.  Just perfect!  We will have this laid at a 45* angle to the floor joists so it will be coming straight off of the kitchen wall and will go diagonally across the whole living space.  

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