Monday, December 24, 2012

Tractor Driving!

We borrowed John's coworker's trailer.  
They live less than a mile from the farm house!

Paisley and John in their happy place.  
Paisley was throwing a quite a tantrum until we figured out that she 
really REALLY wanted to drive the tractor.  So cute!

Following Charley.

Site clean up.  John filled the bucket and Paisley and I dumped it into the roll-off.

We were both grinning ear to ear!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


We finally got our Cleary building up!

It was about 5 weeks late and took a little longer than anticipated to get it going,
but it is finally done!

We are SO happy with this building!  It looks great!

Our electrician ran conduit to the garage pad, someone ran over it, they built the barn, the electrician came and fixed the conduit, etc.

The building process is full of little hiccups.  Nothing big, but lots of annoying things that make the progress seem slower than it really is.

We got the Garage in OU colors, of course.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paint Colors and Mega Deck!!!

Oi.  John and I do NOT have a knack for choosing colors.  We matched the body of the house to the garage color.  So, a nice Ivory.  Then we chose green trim.  It looked awful!  We found a nice brown (it was actually the primed trim color!) and redid the paint.  It is still very... beige and boring.  BUT, we are sticking with it for now and John can repaint it a more fun color later.  It is by no means offensive or bad paint colors, but it is just a little plain and neutral for my tastes.  

Not good...

Much better, but very neutral.  
I worked with our framer for an afternoon dreaming up the porch details.  
Looks amazing.  We opted for cedar posts instead of stone work because it would better match the deck.  Right now, the base of the posts are wrapped in 2x cedar to hide the brackets.  We will switch that to a 1x cedar to give it a more 'refined' look.  

 Here is the side porch in progress. 

In progress.

Here the egress window is in.  
They trimmed and sided around with which was a really nice touch.
The lower sash of the window will be replaced with one without a grille. 

So.  The Deck.  We hit rock when we were excavating which put our backdoor about 4ft off the ground.  I found deck plans that both of us liked and we ended up with something much larger and more grand than we dreamed of.  It is amazing!!!

 Sealed and stained a light pecan color.  

These posts will make up the screen porch. 

My dutch door finally arrived and got installed.  We will paint it and the other exterior doors the darker shade shown here.  This color is on the same color chip as our interior walls, so we are going to paint both sides of the exterior doors in this color! 

 Dutch door from master to screened porch!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Flooring and Countertops

A few weeks ago, John and I made the trek out to Grandview, MO to Kenny's Tile.  
We selected tile, talked about how it would be laid and decided on a hopscotch pattern in 6 and 12 inch tiles. We chose a backsplash for the kitchen, granite for the kitchen and baths, and selected wood flooring.  
This is the tile we choose.  It comes in 2x2, 6x6, and 12x12 tiles.  We will do a hopscotch in the 6 and 12 for all floors.  The master shower will have 2x2s for the mudpan (base) and 6s for the walls with a few 2x2 accent rows about eye level.  We will also use the 2x2s as the back splash in the bathrooms.  

 This is the bathroom granite.  
When we took the tiles outside, they looked like they were made for this granite!  

This is the kitchen granite.  It is perfect.  Exactly what I was looking for!  The backsplash is a tumbled white marble tile in 2x3 with some very faint reddish veining and streaking.  It will look amazing with this slab!

 I had my sales rep email me a picture of a recent hickory floor they have done.  This is the exact rustic look we are going for with a smooth finish.  They did this job in August, I think.  Just perfect!  We will have this laid at a 45* angle to the floor joists so it will be coming straight off of the kitchen wall and will go diagonally across the whole living space.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Insulation and Drywalling

Drywalling takes forever.  Especially if it is humid or cold and we have been having a bit of morning fog and lots of days below freezing.  So, it is about a 2 week process.  Which is fine.  No hurry at this point!  They will mud and texture and should be done by the time this is posted!  I am writing this on Tuesday, but the way! :)

Here are the kitchen soffits before drywalling.  

 You can see the insulation in the exterior walls here.  

 Here is the kitchen after drywalling, but before mud and taping. 

Here is the laundry room. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stub Out and Inspections

Rough ins were pretty straight forward.  Each section took about 3 days.  Mechanical first, then plumbing, then electrical.  They go in the order of hardest to manipulate location to easiest to manipulate.  Ie. A HVAC guy would be happy to cut your electrician's wiring if that is where he needed his ducting to go.  

So, everything was done and we were ready for inspections.  There were only a few quick fixes to do for each contractor.  Second inspection passed easily.  

Master bath tub.  We went with air jets instead of water jets as the water doesn't recirculate, thus being easier to clean and the water will also stay warmer.   

Dryer, sink, washer.

Platform for wood stove.

Stove pipe.

This is one thing that didn't pass inspection at first.  
They had forgotten to put these metal nail stops in.  
When your plumbing is bored out to a certain distance from the edge of the wood, 
you need nail stops so the drywall guys don't puncture your plumbing. 

This gauge should hold 5 pounds pressure for 10 minutes.  
We had a small leak that needed to be found and fixed.  

Here is the framed attic access.  You can see the wiring for the light fixture next to it is sticking up and is a trip hazard.  That had to be stapled down before we could pass inspections.

Furnace.  We have decide to go with a tri fuel system.  We have a heat pump, which is just a regular AC unit that can also run backwards and remove cold air from the home.  this stops being effective when the outside temps drop around freezing.  Then we can kick on the propane furnace or fire up the wood stove. 

All plumbing leads to the sewage line.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Catching up!!!

I have been absolutely SLAMMED for the last month!  

The rough ins were being put in while the framers were still working and the roof went up in the same time frame.  Inspections happened, things got spiffed up to code.  We built a deck.  Got insulation, drywall, paint, and a garage.  Phew!  I have been working full 8 hour days up until the last week.  I would go out to the farm twice a day (20 minutes one way) and make phone calls while Paisley was napping.  

So, I will get a few posts put together to fill in the gaps.  Until then, have some pictures of Paisley!

Mama and Paisley sitting in the garden, watching the roofers.

Pulling all 250 baggies out of the box.

Sleepy baby!


Unreal how sweet this picture is!!!

Loves her puppy!

Trot old Joe! Trot old Joe! 
You ride better than any horse I know!

Breakfast with NaMaw!

Always smiling! 

Rainy day playing!