Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Front Porch and Roof!!

The roofers got the job done in one day!  Amazing!  

Our framer forgot to add the decorative roof overhang by the laundry room, 
so the roofer will need to come back out to do that.  

I have yet to have a contractor that was able to get the job done in one trip.  I didn't anticipate that at all when I was first learning about building.  I just sort of thought that people came, did their job, and were done.  The processes are very overlapping and require many trips and lots of cooperation!  

Me and my girl!

Water line trench.  

Walking with my small friend!

 Emily asked what kind of siding we were having put up.  We decided to go with James Hardie Concrete Fiberboard lap siding.  It has the look of traditional lap siding, but does not warp or swell with changes in temperature and moisture.  That means that the paint on it will not flake or chip over the years.  It comes with something crazy like a 30 year paint guarantee.  Basically, we can repaint it anytime we want a change in color, not because the siding will rot without a fresh paint job.  The cost of Hardie board is less than brick or stone, but more than wood lap.  

 The front porch was poured last week.  Looks really nice.  

The framer has gotten a lot done.  The HVAC is done with rough ins, and the plumber just started rough ins.  After the plumber is done the framer will come back out to build a few false walls over the plumbing that goes up wall in a few places.  Once that is done, we will have the electrician out to do his rough ins.  Then we get an inspection and move on to insulation and drywall.  One snag is that our doors are not all ready yet.  We can't side until the doors are in.  We can't paint until all siding is up.  So, some things are moving ahead and some things are at a standstill.   

Friday, November 2, 2012

Paisley Pictures!

She has teeth!  And eats corn on the cob!

Paisley and GREAT grandpa Lee!!!

Daddy and Daughter!

 We had some good friends out to have dinner and see the house.  
Paisley and Anna had a blast in the wagon!

Family of dorks!