Thursday, October 4, 2012

Utility trenching

Wow... Typing that title makes this post sound REALLY boring.  
I don't know, maybe it is.  
I feel like that new mom that posts 500 pictures of her baby in the same pose making slightly different faces.  
Nobody else cares and she thinks it is the greatest. thing. ever.

So, I forgive you for not reading this post.  

However, in the slim chance that this post could end up being informational to someone in the future, I'm going to keep writing!

We went back and forth a bit trying to decide if we should do one or two utility trenches.  We finally crunched the numbers after meeting with the electric company and decided to dig two separate trenches for water and electric.  

The electric trench (~450ft) was deeper than the water trench (~820ft) and ran $3/ft.  The water line was $2.50/ft.  The cost of the line ($2) and pipe ($1.50) were separate.  Had we gone with a single trench, we would have had to put in a secondary transformer for the electric company which runs $1300.  So, It was actually cheaper to have 2 trenches.  

I did learn that trenching is one of the things that I could have gotten a WAY better deal on if I were a contractor.  But, I can't complain about how much money we are saving in the long run.  Plus, I really like our excavator.  He has gotten plenty of positive reviews from John's co-workers.  His work on the basement was very precise.  

Here is where I pull the old bait and switch.  You see this ADORABLE picture of the CUTEST toddler around and you automatically assume the rest of the pictures are equally adorable.  


Here the excavator has backfilled around the basement and leveled the grade.  
I think we can expect the grade to continue to change through the building process.  
Though we are happy to have a good slope away from the foundation for drainage. 

Here you are standing in the backyard with the house to the right.  This is the electric trench.  The transformer box will sit where the surveyor's stake/flag is at the end of the trench.  The garage will be about 20-30 feet to the right.  

Here is the section of 6" water trench that leads to the house.  

Here is where it meets the house.  The plumber will drill a hole here for the waterline to enter the house.  He had sleeved a hole here, but the foundation guys didn't put it in.  That was a mistake, but nothing to do about it now.  Now we have to pay $100 to have a hole drilled and the plumber wasted several hours of his time coming out to the site to cut the sleeve and show them where to put it.  

Here the 6" trench meets the big trench.  This goes another 800' to the corner of the property.  

Here is the digger.  Back-hoe? Tractor?  I don't know what it is.  There was a guy from the Rural Water District in the hole helping dig by hand so they don't break any existing pipes.  
Here is the best up close picture I could get while also wrangling a kicking toddler who DESPERATELY wanted into the trenches.  

Planted some garlic!  These bulbs were HUGE and contained 20 cloves each.  
So, I only planted 2 bulbs and we will eat the rest! Yum!  The garden is looking good.  Some rabbit nibbling on the broccoli, but I expected that.  

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