Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Framing and deep thoughts...

The framing is almost complete!!!  
I don't have pictures yet from today's work.  
I feel a bit silly taking pictures of people while they work.  

I went out this morning to meet the HVAC and wood stove people.  We needed to discuss venting things our of the roof.  The plumber should come in this afternoon to vent the water heaters as well.  

Then the roofer will come in tomorrow or Friday, the concrete porches should be poured on Friday, and the painter should start next monday.  All the while, the HVAC, plumber, and electrician will do their rough-ins.  Should be ready for the rough-in inspection as early as Monday, or possibly a week later if the inspector only wants to make one trip for everything.  After that comes the insulation and drywall.  

The big blue pile is the roof sheeting.

Transom window over the kid's bath tub. 

The master bath window looks higher than the rest.  
I think I need to call my framer...
Ok, off the phone and it should be fixed soon!  

Small tangent- Things like this come up.  They are no big deal.  
You have to come into this process with the ability to roll with the punches.  
You hit rock while you excavate.  You forget a door here or mis-place a window there. 
The cool thing about houses is that they can be fixed.  

When people talk about home building, you mostly hear horror stories.  I think I know why.  
If you use a GC, you get a bid for the cost to build your home.  But every. little. thing. that comes up was not in your contract and will cost you money.  So, yes.  Each thing that has come up has changed our original budget.  But, we were never presented with a solid cost to build.  We knew that we would have to be flexible.  I think it will all come out in the wash, especially since we built in a 10% slush fund in the budget. *waves at the deck and wood stove*  

To be perfectly blunt, this build process has given John and I a few moments to grow.  One of the most important skills we have learned in our marriage is how to argue effectively.   If we didn't have that skill set and didn't know how to recognize when an argument about a wood stove isn't about a wood stove, we could have had a really rough time.  I am so thankful for my marriage and the growth we have gone through together.  

I don't know what we are doing right, but this process has been so much fun.  We have learned so much.  We are really building this house and have so much wrapped up in it emotionally.  It is truly a dream for us!  As far as the process goes, it has been a huge confidence booster for me.  I have felt a lot of fulfillment in working on this project.  I LOVE staying home with Paisley, but there is just something about validation and respect from another adult that makes me feel alive.  

Beauty in the symmetry.  

Fork-lift for the trusses.

Ply wood sheeting on the roof.

I can't wait to cozy our bed under these windows!!!

Root/Wine/Storm celler

Crazy Paisley licking the bathroom window.


  1. It's so fun to follow the progress! Looking at the pictures, I can't tell what the exterior material of the house will be. You said the painters come soon, but what will they be painting? Siding?

  2. Emily- we are doing hardie siding, it is a concrete fiberboard. Looks like traditional lap siding, but doesn't warp or swell with weather changes, so we only have to paint every 20-25 years instead of every 5 years!