Sunday, October 14, 2012


Framing is when the house really starts to take shape.  In another two weeks or so, our house will look complete from the outside, but be a hollow shell on the inside!  

The first 6-8 weeks is when the house takes shape and everything after that is interior.  

Framing crew adding the sub floor.  

Here is the 6ft short wall on the east side.  
This is the 3ish feet of framing to bring it up to the level of the other walls.  

Laundry room window.

Front door.

This is the line for the wall between the bedroom and kitchen.  There were a few places where they had scribbled out lines and moved them over. We did a little measuring and everything looks good.  It is still a little scary because things look so small at this stage in the process!  It is really hard to visualize the size of spaces right now. 

Master bedroom.

Front of house.  Left is a kid bedroom.  Then the front door with a window on either side.  Then the office, and the laundry room window.  

The other kid bedroom.  To the right is the living room window.

Office window on the right.  Laundry room window on the left.  
There was supposed to be a door to the outside on the far left wall of the laundry room. 
A phone call and less than 12 hours later, it was in place.   

John and Paisley standing between the living room and kitchen.  
The framed partial wall on the left side of the pic is where the fridge will go.  

These are our floor joists.  We upgraded to an engineered 'noiseless' system for a few reasons.  
As it was, we had a few spans that needed steel beams.  So, we had the lumber supplier price the cost of lumber + steel vs. engineered.  Engineered was only about $1500 more.  Another upside to engineered I-beams is that you can bore through them for your plumbing instead of having to come down below the wood joists.  Seemed like a smart upgrade.  

The current update is that the house is framed up and ready for roof trusses.  The roof trusses are taking longer than expected and will not be ready for another week.  So, we are sitting on dead water next week.  I may be able to get the concrete guys in to pour the porches while we wait.  

Once the trusses and exterior windows and doors arrive, we will be able to finish up in just a few days. Then comes the painter and roofer and the house should be at 'dry in' stage.  Everything else is interior.  

Our garage installation has also been pushed back due to weather.  I think it will be about 10 days later than planned.  

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