Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Electricity, septic, lumber

Another boring post...

We have electricity.  It wasn't easy.  The trenches were dug, the transformer box was set.  The temporary pole was in.  But the power wouldn't come on.  

Double checked some wiring and everything is fine.  We have power- just a day late. 

We decided, last minute, that we needed to go ahead and get power out to the barn pad and then from the barn pad to the fence line.  This will allow us to have power in the garage as well as out to the yard hydrant so that we can have a fence charger and tank heater plugged in out there.  

The septic tank is in.  No lateral fields yet.

Lumber was delivered on Monday, framing started today.  Should move pretty quickly!

I am also dealing with the cabinet makers and we just purchased appliances.  

Things are really happening!  It is sort of unbelievable!  

We have been running about a week ahead of schedule and I just found out that the roof trusses are not ready yet, so that should eat up a week and get us back on track.  I think I under estimated how long the rough ins will take for HVAC, plumbing, and electric.  I still think our estimated finish date will be in April.  

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