Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chuggin' Along!!!

We got a tractor!!!!!

We had been going around and around on what kind of implements we need for the farm.

We figured we could get away with a riding mower for the lawn.  But then we knew that we would need to rent a post hole digger for the 500ish fence posts John will be putting in this spring.  We also needed a snow blade for the truck for our 800ft driveway.  Then there was the pasture.  Not sure how often it will need mowing, but I figure at least once per year.  

So,  as much as I wanted to be a cheapskate and buy a lawn mower and ignore the rest of the needs, 
we decided to pony up and get a REAL tractor.  

We went with a Kubota B2320 with a front end loader and 60" mid-mount mower.  
It has 23hp and a diesel engine.  From the research I did, I learned that Kubota is generally regarded as a better machine than even John Deere as far as Compact Utility Tractors go.  

Plus they were having a 0% interest sale.  
Hard to say no to free money!  

John couldn't wait to have it delivered until our garage was built, so we had it delivered to our house.  
Which is ridiculous, yes, but difficult to deny when I know it will make him so excited!

Paisley was napping when the tractor was delivered.  John showed up shortly after it arrived and was talking outside with the guy who delivered it.  I was half listening for Paisley to wake up, and i head a noise from her room.  I went up and peeked under the door to see where she was.  Usually, she wakes up and plays with her toys for 30-45 minutes before yelling at the door for me to let her out of her room.  So, I was checking under the door to see if we were at 'alert level' yet.  I could see her  little legs under the window that looks over the driveway.  I quietly ran downstairs without bothering her and John and I looked up and we could see her cute little face peering out of the window!  We waved at her and she waved back!  It was so freaking cute!  We didn't realize that she was big enough to do that!  It was adorable!  I ran upstairs and grabbed her to bring her down and see the tractor.  Which she thought was awesome!

I love this picture!!!

After we got it running, Paisley started making tractor noises- 
Rrrrrr Rrrrr Rrrrr! and bouncing on the seat.  

I think it is cute!

Love this girl!  She gets cuter, sweeter, and more fun every day!

Shifting gears.   
It was so windy yesterday, we felt like we were back in Oklahoma!

If you zoom in, you can see how excited she is!

Caution!  Man at work play!

Happy Fellow!

Happy lady!!!

I was going SO SLOW but I was still afraid of crashing.  
It is going to take some getting used to but I am excited to drive it!

So, that is the big excitement around the Mullholland homestead.  
We should have our garage the first week of November.  
The house should be sided and roofed by the end of October.  
We are picking out paint colors right now for interior and exterior.  

I think when the house is dry in (windows, doors, siding, and roof), I will feel like we have really completed a huge stage of construction.  I guess it feels like the major 'construction' will be done and everything else is just 'finishing'.   

Oh, I had the framers leave behind all of their scrap wood, 
so be excited about a post on chicken coops in the future!
I don't think John is too excited to be my free labor, but it is hard to say no to free lumber!  
We should be able to have at least half of what we need from scrap material.  

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