Saturday, September 22, 2012

Footings, Cows, and Plants!

Lots going on around here!  I had a meeting with our concrete contractor, followed by a phone call from our excavator.  

Apparently he hit rock and seeing as how we live across the HWY from a Quarry, he didn't suggest we try to blast through.  So, the bottom of our basement is level but the top is higher in the front than back. So, I got to make some quick decision making.  The North, West, and South basement walls will be 9' and the East wall will be 6'.  We will have the framer frame and side down an extra 3' on the back wall of the house.  Shouldn't really change much.  It will mean that we will have a 3' drop out of our back door and we will have to have a deck.  Decks are cool.  Outdoor entertaining is cool.  Unfortunately, we really wanted to avoid too many stairs on this house as we would like to get old and retire there.  Oh well, 4 stairs won't be too bad.  

So, fast forward to Thursday.  I was under the impression that they wouldn't be able to pour the footing until Friday or Monday.  Turns out they were working fast!  They built forms and poured concrete in one day!  They intend to put up walls and pour the foundation on Friday!  Wow!  

Here is the footing:

You can see a green tube on the left edge.  That is the 'sleeve' for the sewage pipe.  Out plumber met me out there as the workers were putting the forms together.  He sleeved out where the water will come in and where the sewage will go out.  He also had something to do with the black sump bucket in the bottom left corner.  We will have a tile (foundation) drain around the footing that will feed into the sump pump.  The pump will push the water out a pipe and into a pipe that is stubbed out into a field.  Or maybe it goes into the septic.  Not sure.  

While we were waiting for the plumber, Paisley and I went visiting.  This neighbor was particularly friendly.  She got to pet her nose about 10 times.  I was so surprised!  Paisley would squeal each time she touched her nose and the cow would bob her head back in surprise, but she never walked away! She seemed genuinely curious about Paisley and I!

My Garden is growing!!!

John was such a trooper.  He carried water all the way across the farm for me 
so that I could water the garden!

Paisley and I couldn't keep up.  

Here is a bonus picture of Paisley pointing to her nose.  
She occasionally points to body parts and tries to say the name.  
Without fail, her finger migrates knuckle deep into her nose.  

We may live in Kansas, but...
Enjoy the game this weekend! :)

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