Saturday, September 8, 2012

Architectural Plans

How we chose a floor plan.  We started by searching on sites that sell floor plans.  We knew that we wanted to minimize wasted space in hallways and extra rooms like formal living or dining spaces.  We wanted a large living area that was open and included the kitchen.  I wanted a laundry room that doubled as a mud room.  We wanted a luxury bath for the master.  The plan below was a start, but wasn't what we wanted, exactly.  

So, we took this idea to an architect.  Our guy was GREAT!  He took about a month and we met several times along the way.  This gives you an idea of what we ended up with!  We moved the master bath to give ourselves a bay window in the master bedroom.  We changed one master closet into a stairwell down to the basement.  We changed the laundry room around.  We changed the Jack and Jill bath to be more open.  We made the formal dining into an office and removed the walk-through into the kitchen.  

Now that our plans were finished, we make a bunch of copies of all of the sets and got pdf files of them as well.  I started sending them out to contractors for bids!  

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  1. I love your ideas! This is very much along the lines of what we would go for. I like how you have the master suite private from the rest of the house, yet also have a door that goes outside from it. I love the dedicated office too. This shows why it's so great to build your get what you like instead of what someone else likes.