Monday, December 12, 2011

An important part of who I am...

I am a horse person.  For better or worse, it is part of who I am.  I have always loved horses and started taking riding lessons at age 6.  I rode school horses and leased a wonderful mare until my 11th birthday, when I got my own horse.  Eventually, that horse was sold and I took sporadic jumping lessons on school horses.  I played Polo in college and worked for a short time for a professional polo player as his groom and exercise rider.  After graduation I got a young Arabian horse that I trained myself and competed in Endurance races.  Endurance racing is where you ride 50 miles of trails in one day.  It generally took us between 7-10 hours.  What a fun sport!  

Paisley joining our family has left me with a lot less time to devote to horses.  I have since sold my competition horse and am taking weekly jumping lessons on school horses.  I am having a blast riding with different trainers and learning on different horses!  I have also gotten an update that the horse I sold is doing great in his new home.  He is competing and performing better than I could have hoped!

Paisley, all dressed up for the Derby

 Riding a few months after Paisley was born

Trail riding when Paisley was a few months old

Our first Endurance Race in 2009!

Trail riding

Our second Endurance Race in 2010

Sabumi is an incredible athlete!

It rained the whole time we did our 3rd Endurance Ride, 
so this is the best/only photo we have!

4th Endurance Ride

Sabumi, looking fit to race 100 miles in two days!

Coming in to the check point

Happy on the back of a horse!

We are always walking in these pictures as it is customary to walk in from the trail to the check points to allow the horse to recover before being examined by the vet.

Our 7th, and last, endurance ride.  I am 6 week pregnant with Pasiley!

This is some of our initial training in 2008

John and I enjoying nature together

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're still getting some riding in. When I got married and moved across the country I tried giving up horses. I just didn't see how they could fit into my new life. I lasted about three years before I couldn't take it anymore and we bought Page! Once a horse person, always a horse person!