Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cloth Diapers- What about newborns?

Ok, I know I said that One-Size diapers are... one-size, but that was a bit misleading.  Most one-size diapers don't actually begin to fit until about 10ish pounds.  With exception to the GroVia Hybrids, which fit around 8ish pounds.  

So, what to do for those sweet little newborns?  Well, they need their own NB stash before they grow into their OS diapers.  You can expect to spend about $100-200 for a newborn stash.  However, they can be found gently used and can easily be resold.  

Most people do prefolds and covers for their NB.  We did fitteds and covers.  The fitteds we chose were made from prefolds and were sort of a prefold/fitted hybrid.  We got them from Green Mountain Diapers. They were great.  The elastic at the legs held in most of the runny EBF poop and what did leak out was contained in one of the two gussets in the waterproof covers. 

NB sized covers have an umbilical scoop and are teeny-tiny!  We only had two covers and should have had at least 4.  We loved the Bummis SuperBrite covers.  We did have a few NB AIO diapers, which we used while the covers were being washed. Paisley was a super soaker and pooped every time she ate.  So, we were doing laundry daily for a few weeks.  Luckily, John is a super-husband and super-dad and he took care of all of the laundry for the first 2-3 weeks while he was home on 'paternity leave'!  
Bummis SuperBrite over a Workhorse Fitted from GMD

Once Paisley started to grow a bit, she was able to fit into her GroVia Hybrids.  After that, she could fit into size small prefolds and covers.  We started phasing out the NB diapers, and before we knew it, she was in one-size diapers.  I think she was fitting into her one-size diapers around 2 or 3 months.  
 In a GroVia Hybrid at 6 days

In a GroVia Hybrid at about 3 months

If you don't want to invest in a NB stash, there are lots of rentals available.  
Itsy Bitsy Bums offers one for just $50!  

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