Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Taking birth classes

I think that John and I can both agree that the single biggest influence on our pregnancy and birth was the 12 week Bradley Birth class we attended.  

I highly recommend either a Bradley or Brio Birth class.  Brio Birth is basically a bunch of rogue Bradley teachers who felt that they could do something better.  Apparently Bradley wasn't changing with the times.  From what I have seen of the Brio handbook (OMG- it it thicker than a textbook!) and what I have heard from leaders and students, Brio is very good.  Now, we didn't take a Brio class, so I can only speak for my experience with The Bradley Method of Husband coached childbirth.  

Back on task...

If you are pregnant, you MUST take a birth class.  Go.  Now.  I don't care what brand you sign up for.  It is just SO important that women understand what their bodies are about to go through.

Lack of education is a HUGE part of the problem with birthing in our society.  Problem, you say?  Yes,  I think that there is a serious disconnect between women and their birth experience.  We are conditioned to think that we NEED to get to a hospital the second we go into labor and that we NEED a doctor to monitor us and that we NEED to have a doctor direct the birthing of our child.  It has also become totally normal for a nurse to be the first person to touch and hold your baby.  This is NOT OK!

Ok, off my soapbox...

Just take a dang birth class.  You will learn about the stages of labor, how to manage pain, and what to expect from your hospital.

I will say that The Bradley Method is geared more towards learning about hospital interventions and less towards how freaking painful labor will be.  Though, in a large part, this is probably why we ended up with a home birth.  Not the pain part, the learning about interventions part.  This, I think, is what Brio Birth is trying to improve on.

I would have to say that while I enjoyed the 12 weeks of class, possibly the best thing that has come of it is the friendships I have made with the other couples in the class!  We still meet every Thursday and have welcomed a few other mamas into our group and we make quite the wonderful mom's group.  I would probably be insane without these women!

This post was totally rambling and had a hard time staying on topic.  Sorry about that.

Here is a shout out to our birth class instructor, Amber!

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