Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Something to remember forever

Paisley and I had one of those moments today that I want to remember forever.  

For the past few weeks, while she nurses she will occasionally play with my hand.  She grabs my pinkie finger and presses my hand over her face.  She will lift my hand up and down, covering her face and uncovering it.  She usually does this when she is sleepy and it is a very sweet, gentle action.  It always melts my heart.  

This afternoon, she was doing this and suddenly, she lifted my hand up higher than usual and pressed it against MY face!  Then back down to her face, then back to my face!  She would smile as she pressed my hand to my cheek.  It was SO unbelievably sweet!  

It makes me tear up with joy to think that all of the tender love I have shown her has made an impact and she is beginning to understand sharing that love!  

It also makes me so thankful that I have chosen to nurse for this long (and longer, hopefully) as she and I would have never had such a tender moment of love and sharing without our nursing bond.  The quiet time we share while nursing, especially before naps, is an amazing bond that can't be replicated or replaced.  I am thankful for that.  


  1. I bow in amazement to the love between you and Paisley!

  2. What a tender and beautiful moment <3