Monday, October 31, 2011

A few of her favorite things...

It thrills the english major in me to see how much Paisley loves books.  

When we made the epic journey to Oklahoma and back in two days, 
books were the only thing that would capture-and hold- her attention.  

Peek-a-Who has a mirror on the last page.  
I think she spends the whole book in anticipation of looking at the cute baby at the end!

She loves books with tactile involvement

I didn't want to bore her (or you) by having her pose with ALL of her books one at a time.  So, the above books are her 'downstairs' set and the rest stay up in her book shelf for reading at diaper changes, bed time, etc.  
Here we have Guess How Much I Love You, Potty, Goodnight Moon, On The Night You Were Born (makes me tear up every time), The Rainbow Fish, Eating the Alphabet, Dear Zoo, pat the pony, Runaway Bunny, But not the Hippopotamus, Baby Plays Pat-Pat (she loves this one), Brown Bear, and A Very Hungry Caterpillar.  

Here are her toys.  She doesn't have very many, so they are all her favorites! 

Soft Block  from etsy

Cell Phone from etsy

 The owl toy stays in the car. It is jingly and crinkly and has a mirror. 

 I made these felted wool balls.  
I put them in a Nambe bowl and she dumps them out!
This is her favorite activity while sitting on her potty in the morning.  

 She plays a similar game with her toy box.  I put things in the box, she dumps them out!


  1. Does she make noise with the Ting-Sha?

  2. Yes, she bangs them together! We keep the Ting-Sha in our bathroom/closet for her to play with while I shower.