Thursday, October 27, 2011


I love baby wearing!  

It is no secret!  Lots of people do it!  

But why?

Well, I loved the whole attachment-parenting idea of keeping the baby close.  It is supposed to help baby regulate temperature and breathing, support bonding, and encourage a sleepy baby to nap (yay!).  

I prefer carriers that face the baby towards mama.  They are friendlier on baby's hips and mama's back.  Plus, baby can bury her face in mama's chest when the outside world gets too stimulating.  

We have a Beco Butterfly II 

and a Sweet Pea Ring Sling

John only uses the BB2.  It is considered a 'soft, structured carrier'.  
It has buckles in the back to secure and distribute weight.  

It is great because it is totally hands free, very comfortable and very easy for Paisley to fall asleep in. 

Now that paisley is older, I prefer the ring sling.  Paisley loves to be in a 'hip carry' so that she can look around easily.
(I usually tuck the tail around the rings to make them a bit more 'baby safe')

The ring sling had quite a learning curve.  It really wasn't useful (for us, anyway) until about 2-3 months when I stopped freaking out about head support.  

The ring sling is also hands-free, but your shoulder under the rings is a bit restricted from reaching up high.  This also can get uncomfortable after a few hours because it is not quite as equally balanced as the BB2.  

For the first 3-4 months of Paisley's life, she took about 50% of her naps in the BB2.  Thats a lot of hours.  It was also the answer when she got fussy and we couldn't figure out how to fix it.  

There are lots of good carriers out there.  There are also bad carriers.  Try to avoid anything where baby faces forwards or is 'crotch-dangling'.  Ideally, baby's knees should be higher than her bum.  Would you rather sit in a rock climbing harness or a hammock?  There is a wide price range for carriers.  My ring sling was gently used for $25 and the BB2 was around $130.  For the number of hours that we have used the BB2 so far, it has been well worth it.  

I would say that a good carrier is the single most important baby gear that we have!   

Do your research and find something that will work well for both baby and mama!  

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